My name is Katarina Balmazan. Sports have always been a big part of my upbringing, as an extra curricular activity, a goal setting norm and as a coping mechanism. Even through my previous studies and career in art, I kept active giving me a unique perspective on my life and my work. I trained in Judo for over 20 years and acquired a brown belt through training and entering numerous competitions. I learned how to boulder and climb and have a belaying licence. I am an amateur triathlete (I try to avoid the cycling portion). My greatest passion and joy to date has been running: Running has made me more resilient and tenacious, it challenges my body, my mind and my emotions. It makes me feel in tune with nature and, what I feel, my primal humanity.
I enrolled in Health Fitness and Wellness program at Mohawk College because it felt like a natural progression in my life’s path. I will be able to implement the skills and knowledge that I currently have and will acquire in the next 2 years and pass on my passion for healthy living to a broad spectrum of individuals in my community. I want to help people in introducing and keeping active and recreational habits in their lives and I want to be there when they make a decision to be happier and healthier. I want them to see me as a strong female role model both physically and mentally. I want them to know that its never too late to start something new and exciting.

IDEAL has been supportive of my personal and professional goals and made me feel like I belong in the Health and fitness community. I am grateful for the opportunity and happy to be a part of such a caring and giving team.