Gallacher Patterson


Since I was 8 years old I have been heavily involved in triathlon and sports in general. Throughout my life I found a love for exercise and I have always been an advocate for a healthy life style. I have many certifications for triathlon coaching. The summer of 2014 is when I started to assist coach for my triathlon club. Right out of high school I took a program at Mohawk for Early Childhood Education (ECE). After 1 full year for ECE I figured out that all though I love working with kids, I hated being stuck I a classroom all day with little moving around. That’s when I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in Health and Wellness. After that year of ECE I took a full year off to focus on myself and my training. In January of 2015 was when I decided to apply to the Health, Wellness and Fitness Co-op program. That’s what lead me to IDEAL Bootcamp. Just last summer I coached and developed a triathlon kids program for my triathlon club. This year I hope to make some big steps in my triathlon career as I hope to go pro for 70.3 by the end of the summer, in my health, wellness and fitness career and my triathlon coaching career.