Boxing/Kickboxing for Fitness

Our Main St. E. location houses our boxing/kickboxing for fitness circuit workout. Like all IDEAL services, this is a no class times program that offers boxing-style movements with functional training, all the while keeping your heart rate pumping! The coaches are well versed in boxing movement and technique and will guide you through your workout to make it safe and effective.

All members and visitors must use boxing gloves and wraps while utilizing the boxing circuit, and these are for purchase at the club. It is also mandatory to participate in a free intro class which will teach you proper form and technique to maximize your workout and keep you safe!

Your IDEAL Boxing experience begins with an IDEAL Coach helping you keep your hands and wrists protected by showing you and assisting you in wrapping your hands. Gloves and wraps must be worn while boxing.

The IDEAL Boxing workout starts with a skipping and wrist strengthening warm up. You will then go through a 30 minute circuit. For each station you will complete a functional exercise and boxing-specific movement, each for 1:45 seconds. The functional exercises ensure you hit all muscle areas in your body, maximizing the fat burn and muscle building that helps burn calories long after your workout is done.

This is where the fun is! Ready to punch your cares away? Our trained coaches will teach you proper form and technique when you get your sweat on punching our body bags, water bags and speed bag. Your heart rate is up while jabbing and crossing, moving your feet, throwing hooks and ducking. At the end you’re left with the fun and satisfaction of a great workout and strength and power that comes with boxing!